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Nireeka Mega 750 (Custom Bike EST Delivery 3 - 4 Months)

Nireeka Mega 750 (Custom Bike EST Delivery 3 - 4 Months)

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Base Price: $2999

Nireeka Mega has 26"x4" fat tires front and rear, with a light weight carbon fiber frame. Powerful Mid-drive powertrain layout, it boasts 160nm of torque (20nm peak), and has front and rear suspension making this a powerful yet lightweight bike for all terrains. 

 Frame Size Options: M (18") L (20")

 Frame Color Options: White, Matte Black, Red



  • Range: Up to 31 miles, or 52 miles with upgraded Battery
  • Top Speed: 28mph. or 38mph with upgraded Motor
  • Starting Estimated Weight: 66.15lbs



750W Motor

Powerful Motor

Equipped with an impressive 750W and peak torque of 200nm motor, the Mega eBike redefines speed and power on two wheels. With the ability to reach a thrilling top speed of 28mph, this electric bike delivers an electrifying ride like no other. You can upgrade the motor to 1500W motor to reach the top speed of 37mph.

Safety First with ABS Brakes

Safety First with ABS Brakes

Equipped with ABS brakes powered by Blubrake designed and manufactured in Milan, Italy, the Mega ensures optimal stopping power and enhanced safety, even in unpredictable riding conditions.

Embedded Taillight

Embedded Taillight

Safety is our priority! You cannot enjoy your ride when you're worried about your safety on the road. The embedded taillight is equipped with a Gyro sensor to light up the brake lights when applying the brakes while the running daytime light is always illuminated to help you to be seen during day and night.

Consistent Brake Performance by Disk Brakes

Consistent Brake Performance by Disk Brakes

Disk brakes perform consistently in various weather conditions. Unlike rim brakes, which can be affected by rain, mud, or debris on the rim surface, disk brakes remain unaffected by external elements. This reliability ensures consistent braking performance, enhancing safety and control.

Disk brakes are also better at dissipating heat generated during prolonged or intense braking. This is especially important for eBikes, which can reach higher speeds and may require frequent or prolonged braking. The heat-resistant properties of disk brakes prevent brake fade and maintain optimal braking performance.

The standard rotors on the Mega are 160mm and the upgraded ones are 203mm.



The Nireeka Mega comes with two battery options. The Mega 750 comes standard with a 480wh removable battery and the Mega 1500 comes with an 840wh battery. Both batteries are identical in size and features but different in BMS and cells. The battery will be locked into the frame and can be removed only using your specific key.

For private / off road use



Size 18" (Medium) 20" (Large)
Seattube 465 mm 517 mm
Reach 427.5 mm 462 mm
Stack 658 mm 669 mm
Wheelbase 1,259 mm 1,259 mm
Chainstay 502 mm 502 mm
Top Tube 545 mm 600 mm
Headtube 120 mm 120 mm
Standover 752 mm 778 mm
Fork Angle 65.3 ° 65.3 °
Seattube Angle 70 ° 70 °
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