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Nireeka Homie 500 17" | In Stock | Ultimate Package | Matte Black | Demo In Stock

Nireeka Homie 500 17" | In Stock | Ultimate Package | Matte Black | Demo In Stock

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Base Price $1999
Manufacture Freight to USA $299
Stock Assembly & Upgrades Assembly: $100
Demo Discount: $200

Ultimate Armour Tire Package

  • Upgraded Custom Armour Tire Insert (Prevent 90% Flat)
  • Upgraded Motor 500W
  • Upgraded Battery 672WH / 48V / 14AH
  • Upgraded Charger Fast Charger
  • Upgraded BB Torque Sensor. The torque sensor senses the force you're applying to the pedals, so the motor provides the appropriate torque based on that. Therefore, the torque sensor will be more accurate compared to the Cadence sensor.
  • Upgraded Bafang High Contrast Color Display with IP65 Water Resistant
  • Upgraded Magnesium Air Fork Suspension, quick Release Shaft
  • Upgraded Shimano XT M8100 1x11
  • Upgraded Carbonfiber Handlebar
  • Upgraded Carbon Fiber Seatpost
  • Upgraded Shimano Deore XT RT-MT800 Rotor
  • Upgraded EC90 Premium Saddle
  • Upgraded Throttle: Using the throttle, you can ride the bike without pedaling just like a motorcycle. It's a thumb throttle meaning that you need to push the lever to engage it.
  • Upgraded Kickstand: Rear Mounted Kickstand


The Nireeka Homie is an affordably priced full suspension eMTB with an eye-catching custom frame design and components keep weight remarkably low for an ebike
Can be outfitted for mountain bike trails or with more commuting-friendly options such as a comfort saddle and adjustable stem. Low Q Factor improves cornering performance and ergonomics.
For private / off road use
Nireeka Homie - Nireeka Configurator

 Frame Size: 17"
 Frame Color: Matte Black


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